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Weight: 3.5 - 4.4 kg

Do you like surprises? Then order your FÉ Large ‘ Surprise’ and receive a unique FÉ Lamp that has been lovingly selected by our team; especially for you!

Choose from one of the three types of finishes for your lamp:




The pearly FÉ Lamps mainly come in a fairly even mother-of-pearl or satin color that gives a brilliant shine.




The neutral FÉ Lamps consist of the special combination of a mother-of-pearl shine and rougher material. This makes the neutral FÉ Lamp look organic and dynamic and has a chic color palette that varies from pearl, satin, brown or a hint of pink.




Do you dare to go for something exciting and bold? The rocky FÉ Lamps are our most dynamic and come in a color scheme that ranges from pearl, satin, brown or a touch of pink.



FÉ's crystals are natural and real. Because of the various special characteristics of selenite, each piece of crystal therefore varies - even of the same size - in circumference, weight, shape, structure and color (shade). FÉ, with its unrepeatable design, is offered to you by weight class. The pictures shown are indicative; When you order the FÉ Large Surprise, you will receive a FÉ lamp chosen by us!

Includes: rotary dimmer switch, energy-efficient 3W LED lighting and elegant FÉ Giftbag.


♡ Selected with love. For you by .

FÉ Large Surprise

SKU: FQSNLV3Surprise
VAT Included
  • From opaque to mother-of-pearl, transparent or translucent…

    Your FÉ lamp with its warm and soft light is a special accessory designed to give a personal touch to the atmosphere and decoration of your interior.


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