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see the invisible,
believe the incredible
and receive the impossible



We believe that the use of beautiful light and natural materials in the interior have a special influence on our 'mood' and a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

Whatever your personal beliefs may be:  At FÉ we are convinced that everyone's spirituality is related to positive emotions such as well-being, happiness and optimism. That is what we want to convey and radiate with our lamp!  

Differences inspire us; we value perfection in the imperfect. 

The FÉ Crystal Selenite Lamp: Slow Design, with eye for detail during  the creation process and our mission to find a balance between nature and design. We are proud to create unique and non-repeatable decorative items that exude elegance, personality and character. Designed to be enjoyed in your interior!

De Magie


Crystals are created​​ when the earth was formed and they have continued to evolve ever since. They are the DNA of the Earth and in their genetics they tell us about the millions of years of their evolution and the forces that shaped them.

Crystals are visually very attractive, valued for their perfection of their regular internal structure, but always unique in kind. Opaque, transparent or translucent.  

They are valued by all civilizations for their spontaneous beauty and the belief that they possess magical powers and healing properties. For example, in ancient Mesopotamia, selenite - the crystal of the FÉ lamp - was used to ward off evil spirits.


To each crystal with its distinctive reflections, colors and geometry, own meaning and properties are assigned.  It is believed that the crystal structure is able to absorb, retain, focus and radiate energy. 

Unsurprisingly, there are more and more fans of the magical value of crystals!

Crystals are often used to 'clear' our spirit and our living spaces. They could help you support your intentions. Selenite, the white quartz, is often seen as the stone that stands for purity, harmony, protection, balance, hope and tranquility. That is why our selenite lamp is also very suitable for meditation. With its so-called cleansing properties and gentle energy, selenite can also be used to discharge and recharge other gemstones. It is therefore a real versatile and inspiring, creative 'happy stone' with special vibes, for you and your interior!

Regardless of whether magical beliefs or mystical powers have a real basis or not, it's up to everyone's belief to believe what makes them feel good. 

For good reason we have chosen to name our collection of Crystal Selenite lamps 'FÉ' (faith). Your FÉ! 


At FÉ, we view crystals as gifts from the earth that we can use in our lives in our own way and reconnect with nature. We believe that the power of a belief can create and if a belief can bring harmony, well-being or fascination, there is magic in it!

FÉ, a magical collection. 



At FÉ we care about the place where we live and the footprint we leave behind. 

That is why we try to make life easier for our customers in a respectful and sustainable way.

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