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The FÉ team, which closely collaborates with craftsmen from Mexico, creates with great passion exclusive, handmade lamps made of 100% natural material, that can be either opaque, translucent or transparent. The balance between natural and timeless design is key.


​That is why each item of the FÉ collection is different and the dimensions, shapes, weight and colors of your FÉ are unique and unrepeatable in design. 


​Simply impressive...

The elegant FÉ lamp with its dynamic shapes and warm and soft light is a special accessory designed to give a personal touch to the decoration and ambiance of your interior. Peace, intimacy, coziness or a bit of happiness: the FÉ lamp exudes it all! 


During the day, be amazed by the natural beauty and shades of FÉ, which vary from mother-of-pearl (nacre), satin, brownish or sometimes maybe even a touch of pink. 

A piece of art!


In the evening you can use the dimmer to create your perfect atmosphere and enjoy FÉ's relaxing 'moonglow'.

Be in your happy place!

Manual de Usuario




With the easy-to-use  rotary dimmer switch you can perfectly regulate the desired light intensity and atmosphere. 


LED Technology

The Pre-installed dimmable 3W - 300 LUMEN LED bulb provides a special and warm lighting of the various spaces within your interior. Long lifespan and very energy efficient!


Quality and Safety

The cable with dimmer & LED bulbs that FÉ is using is in accordance with the applicable technical standards for design, production and functionality.



Selene (Luna)  

The crystal of light by excellence


Formed over millions of years in our case, selenite is a hydrated calcium sulfate mineral, in the form of delicate, layered crystals. Because the clear quartz easily absorbs and diffuses the light, the fascinating soft 'moon glow' is created.


The story goes that selenite got her name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selênê. The name comes from the old word 'Selas' which means 'light'. 

In addition, selenite is also known as the stone of inner peace, harmony and protection. 


​Feng Shui specialists recommend these crystal lamps as a harmonizer for the environment. They believe that selenite - especially popular for its relaxing properties - contributes to the positive energies within the interior.


You can place your natural crystal selenite lamp in any dry interior space where you want to give atmosphere with its relaxing and stimulating glow. Or of course just where you can enjoy the beautiful minimalistic and organic design of your FÉ and its natural colors.

La Selenita
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Would you like to pamper yourself with a FÉ lamp or any of your loved ones? 


Your FÉ Luminous Quartz comes with an elegant branded Gift Bag, featuring the original FÉ logo in gold-colored print and made from 100% natural Mexican manta cotton.


The size offers many possibilities, so that the bag is also super suitable for a reusable 'second life' by you or the person you made happy with this unforgettable gift.  

Tip: If you want to wash the bag: use cold wash only and avoid ironing the print.


In addition, each lamp is accompanied by an original designed card with a subtle surprise (You'll love it!) & QR code that, when activated, refers to the user manual where more information can be found about the FÉ lamp. If you choose FÉ as a unique gift, the recipient will certainly understand the exclusivity of the piece you give.


FÉ, the happy gift

El Empaque
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