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FÉ, the versatile lamp

Why you'd need one...


The Gift

The FÉ lamp is the perfect personal gift to show your love, friendship or affection. Each of our Crystal Selenite lamps has its own story and shape; that's what makes it so special and unrepeatable... Plus the extraordinary design is suitable for atmospherically illuminating any (dry) space. A gift to cherish forever!

Nice detail: When you buy your FÉ lamp you will receive a reusable gift bag, made of stylish Mexican manta cotton.

Pamper yourself and surprise yourself with a FÉ Lamp?

Take a look at our FÉ Surprise Lamps 

The Gift


We believe that the use of beautiful light and natural materials in the interior has a special influence on our mood and a harmonious happy lifestyle.


Taking your own moments to recharge yourself - with the sometimes busy schedule - is also important. An evening on the couch with a book or series, lounging with friends or doing nothing at all: Whatever relaxation you choose to bring balance to your life: With its positive vibes and uplifting & soothing energy, FÉ is your soulmate!  


To top it all off, you can optimally regulate the atmosphere yourself with the included rotating dimmer. 

Lay back & relax!



Minimalist, Scandinavian, neutral, Boho, Japandi, Retro, Urban, rural or perhaps modern...

Due to its natural color scheme & organic design, the FÉ Lamp will blend stylishly and subtly into your interior  - during the day, in the evening or at night -.


Place your FÉ in any living or working space where you want to enjoy its beauty & soft, warm light.  With her typical & relaxing moonglow, she is also a beautiful night light for the bedroom. You'll see! 



“ That feeling when you’ve meditated, did your yogaflow and chosen your daily crystal!”

                                  - Renew Holistic Wellness -


No worries! We’ve got your back! 

Because with your enchanting FÉ Crystal Selenite Lamp you take your Yoga Practice to the next level! Where your yoga exercises ensure that you create space because your energy starts to flow, FÉ ensures that it illuminates your space with soft and stimulating energy, so that you will feel pleasantly calm and grounded. Selenite, the Angel Stone, is a soft, feminine stone, ideal for bringing more harmony and serenity into your life.


Love to know more about our happy crystal?  See our blogpost here 


Holistic & Wellness

The FÉ lamp is handcarved from selenite crystals from magical Mexico. Originally created around the Pacific Ocean. 


Do you offer relaxing massages, wellness treatments, cleansing Reikis or insightful lectures and do you want to create an atmospheric, serene space? 

Our lamp is relaxing for mind, body & spirit; A wonderful addition to your practice or salon!


Selenite is known as the spiritual stone of harmony, inner peace and protection. It is not without reason that Feng Shui specialists recommend these crystal lamps as a harmonizer for your environment.

Holistic & Wellness

Baby & Kids

Peace, harmony, safety and a stylish, warm atmosphere: the FÉ Lamp exudes it all. That is why it is an indispensable, neutral and timeless accessory for every baby and kids room. 

Due to its low energy consumption, your FÉ Lamp is particularly safe and durable to use (3W Led). This allows the lamp to remain on at night or during the day without it becoming hot or overheating.

Also during the exciting journey of pregnancy and birth, our FÉ Lamp is your trusted light source  ♥︎

FÉ, an absolute favorite for moms & babies

Baby & kids
Hospitality Interior Decoration

Hospitality Interior Decoration

Hotel - Restaurant - Bar - Club - Spa - Salon - Art Gallery - Shop - Office - Private home 


If you are looking for a special, functional and sustainable detail for your interior design project: 

Then consider the FÉ Natural Crystal Lamp. 


Refinement and functionality come together in our special FÉ Collection to create an interior ambiance that radiates hospitality, personality, tranquility or intimacy.


The timeless FÉ lamp with its organic design, neutral color scheme and unparalleled atmospheric light will subtly shine in any room where the Hospitality feeling is important. 

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FÉ: Creating Ambiance...

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